I'm Elizabeth - Army wife, Beauty Junkie and Mompreneur. Our family lives in Upstate New York where I run my own business from home and try my best to wrangle a one year old girl, a dog, and a husband. And by wrangle I mean chase around with a vacuum. Really. You think I'm joking?

So you're an Army wife, huh? Yes. And no, it's not like the show. At all. Yes, what my husband does is incredibly heroic, and what I do somewhat less so. But we chose this life and I claim no entitlement to any kind of honor or special treatment. Well I guess I wouldn't mind a high five now and then... :)

Uh so what's a Beauty Junkie? Someone who lives, breathes, loves and pursues beauty in all of its glorious manifestations. Huh? Someone who likes pretty things. And I like pretty things a lot. I do pretty. From makeup artistry, to jewelry design, to photography, all the way down to our little nest we call home, I am constantly striving to create beauty.

Momprenuer? Mom by day, entrepreneur by night. Hopelessly sleep deprived at all times. Eternal Eden is my portable career as the Army moves us from place to place. I enjoy a short commute upstairs, casual work attire (sweat pants) and occasionally drinking wine on the job :) But seriously the best part of working from home is being with my baby girl all day every day. I feel incredibly blessed to love what I do and do what I love.

Eternal Eden, that's catchy - what's it mean? It's serious. Ready? On a mission trip in 2003 I visited the jungle of Peru. It was the closest to Heaven I've ever been; a land filled with rainbows, waterfalls, brightly colored blossoms, lush greenery, enticing fragrances, butterflies and exotic fruits. If Eden still existed, I imagine it would have been close to that. It had a profound effect on me. I had tasted Paradise.

Heaven to me, is the Eternal Eden, an Eden that never ends. When I reach into my heart to create, Eden is what I find. Lush vibrant colors, flower blossoms, authentic femininity, and an awe of nature. And this is what I strive to infuse in all of my designs.

Why Creating Eden? This blog was born out of a desire to extend this idea of Eden deeper into my own life and the lives of others. So yeah you can consider this a lifestyle blog.  I chronicle the tangible (and intangible) ways you can create Eden in your own life. DIY projects, home decor, photography, beauty and cosmetics - it's a broad span of subjects that ultimately relate back to creating a heavenly life for yourself and the ones you love. 

My hope is that you'll join me, dive in, and start creating Eden in your life!

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  1. Dad would be so proud, as I am. Your need for costumes, beads, artwork,& dance is now understood. I thank God for giving me the time and energy needed to satisfy your insatiable desire to be beautiful and to create beauty. Exterior beauty wasn't enough. Determined to be beautiful within drove you to a passion for the Creator of all beauty - the Great Elohiym. Glorify His Name in all you do. I love you with as much love as a heart can hold. You are my joy. Mom