Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free Christmas Printables!

I'm feeling the holiday cheer already around here!

This year we have a mantel to decorate for the first time, I'm so excited. So excited in fact that I stayed up until midnight brainstorming how to decorate it. Yep. Anyone else get fixated on things like this? Tell me I'm not alone...

Anyway we have a lighted wreath that needs some company on the wall above the mantel so I decided to make some signage for either side of it. I looked up some Christmas scriptures and got to work in Photoshop and here's what I came up with.

And because I love symmetry I decided this guy needed a friend so I went ahead and made this one to go with!

I decided I'd offer them up for free here on the blog. My plan is to modge podge these to some distressed wood and hang them. I'll post some pics when it's all finished. Meanwhile, enjoy the freebies!

(To download simply click on the image, right click and select "save as", save where you want, and then print. They are sized for 8.5x11 paper)

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Wear a Bandeau Style Bird Cage Veil

A quick (3 minute) tutorial demonstrating how to properly wear your Eternal Eden bandeau birdcage veil!

Things I'm hoping you won't mind about this video: 

1) My incredibly creepy model and her fake hair. I know, she's terrifying. Every time I bring her out my dog has a heart attack. No joke. But she's the best I have to work with at the moment, even though she's lost her eyelashes and is sporting my $5 Halloween wig.

2) My 1 year old and my dog make a few background cameos. A pretty hilarious tug of war ensues. I really do my best to stay focused but it's pretty funny/cute/entertaining. Hey this is the real life of a Mompreneur, people! 

Please if you have any questions regarding wear or care of this veil feel free to shoot me an email at