Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time for Reflection

The new year is always a time of reflection for me. A time for inventory, a time to build, a time to prune. The new year always brings change.

2013 is going to bring some major changes for this family, not least of which is my husband's second deployment. In 4 years as an Army wife I've learned -the hard way- that I don't have to be a hero. Knowing my limits and knowing when to say no, even to good things, is key in surviving this lifestyle.

Eternal Eden enjoyed record breaking success last year. I hit my stride creatively, artistically, and professionally. It felt amazing. I was and still am very proud of what I accomplished and grateful to God for blessing this endeavor so richly.

BUT (and isn't there always a but?)

My husband's absence changes everything. People tell you to stay busy during deployment, but that is exactly what I'm afraid of. Losing myself in my work would be so easy to do because I love it so much. And therein lies the temptation.

My daughter is already short one parent this year. I refuse to deprive her of the other. I want to be present, available, and tuned in to her. I want to be a source of stability and comfort to both my husband and my daughter during a time of chaos and change. I cannot do that if I'm spending myself on my work. If I'm going to pour myself into anything this year, it's going to be my family.

So with regretful certainty Eternal Eden Bridal will remain closed. This is a long-term but not permanent closure. I will most likely reopen for the 2014 bridal season. Eternal Eden Jewelry will remain open to receive orders, though processing times may slow and new items will be limited.

Walking away from a good thing isn't easy. But walking toward the most precious people in my life? That's everything.

Blessings in the new year to you all!

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